Natural Light Master! / by Jack Chen

His real name is Stanislav Puchkovsky, but many of you in the photography will know him as Sean Archer. Yes, THE Sean Archer.

Sean is one of the few photographers alive who impressed me a lot and become my main source of inspiration when I was still new to photography. What makes him so special is that all of his personal work are done using only natural light and he is really really good at it. His pictures are always as simple as the light he uses and yet within this simplicity there will always be a faint feeling of complexity. You are always drawn into his portraits of his beautiful friends and could never get over the simplicity that was involved in producing the shots. I wish I could be like him one day and truly master natural light.

Here are some of his work. All photo credits goes to Sean Archer. I do not own the pictures. This is just for education and inspiration purposes only.