Nostalgic / by Jack Chen

Let me be a little bit nostalgic today. 

It was pouring outside and the rain was hammering down at my window glass while I sat in my room drinking a cup of steaming coffee. I began to think about things and eventually I got to the part on remembering the start of my photographic journey.

Everyone starts from somewhere and not many people can become successful overnight and those who does were extremely lucky and blessed. So once in a while, you would start to recall where you started and reflect on your progress in life.

Today, I thought about my first camera and the amazing moments I had with it. It was a Canon 400D with a 17-85mm kit lens. I start by photographing all kinds of things, from the snail crawling on the wet concrete floor to the clouds floating against the deep blue sky. I had a lot fun and will continue to have more with my new gears now. 

So, what's your first camera? Did you enjoyed the time you spent with it?