Quality over Quantity / by Jack Chen

I had a friend looked at my website today and she said it was good but there are too few content in it. Well, my biggest explanation for this is that I am aiming to have quality over quantity.


This is not my first website, in fact, I came over from Wix before all this and I had a lot more work showcased there than what’s here. Back then I was still a new photographer trying to shoot whatever I could and whenever I can, so it came to a point where I would be in a photoshoot but was at the same time thinking about the next shoot. This only meant that my focus was often not on what I was doing and that took a toll on many of my older work and it’s probably the main reason why my work was only starting to improve tremendously in the recent years. To summarise my point, focusing on the one thing at a time is the key to producing better images and I learnt it the hard way.


During my “Wix” era, it was all about quantity and it was mainly because that I was too keen on getting my work noticed that I lost a sense of direction. Now, it is the “squarespace” era and quality is the new standard.


Like what the amazing Lara Jade said on her recent post that “why shoot 50-60 shoots a year when you can’t commit time or energy to make each one be its very best?”, you will be exhausting yourself up with a packed schedule, rushing the post-production of each shoot, have little time to think or reflect on your work and most importantly, lose focus. All this would eventually cause you the quality of your work.


Your work is you. To be a successful photographer, professional or not, you need to put out there you best, not 200 pictures that would expose all your weakness to your potential clients or viewers. You want to be known for producing good work so quality should be above all concerns and that is what I am focusing on now and hope to improve further in the future.


Sure, there are many other elements to work on too at the same time in order for one to succeed in the business of photography but if I have to choose which to focus more on, it would definitely be quality and I hoped you would choose the same too.


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Thank you.